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Brad, K5ZXJ

For sale

Atas 120A screwdriver antenna, with original box, antenna lip mount/coax, and instructions


Hello all, Rudy Novotny - KB5ZXO is looking to get rid of some gear Cell: 936-448-1036 Here is his list of gear. Please pass the word around there is some really good stuff here.

** Yeasu FT-1000MP



Barry Burge

KD4MCB here,

I have an Anytone 868 digital handheld for sale. Asking $200.00 for radio, charger, manual and regular and stubby antenna all in the box. 315-920-5429 if interested.

We received this message on our web page messages. If anyone wants contact information PM me and I’ll send it.

Contact Name Jo Hanus Email Subject Ham Equipment For Sale Message My husband, Allan Hanus, was a valid ham operator. Al passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday due to heat stroke. I have an assortment of ham equipment that I would like to sell. Also some towers. I can provide photos. Thank you for your assistance. Jo Hanus

Barry Burge

Bob Melton posted on the Sam Houston Ham Radio Klub page that they have a tower for sale.

"following pics of 64 ft tower being offered by Shark in Cleveland TX

Will require Donation to Club Contact admin for more info and offer

NOTE Tower is NOT BENT it is just laying on the ground and not bolted together"

Lee Hinch
Barry Burge
Lee Hinch
Lee Hinch
May 10, 2023

Seems to be a great bargain. I wish I had an area to install one. Would be amazing to have the range from home!



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