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We met with Southern Star yesterday afternoon and they are ready for our arrival. They said that their plan is to set us up in the main event field on the East side of the building. The ground there is very hard and even if we get rain (which at this point looks HOT and dry) there will be no issues. he said if we wanted to we could also utilize the West side field but the exposure and public access would be better on the east side. Roy had asked if he could bring his RV and SS agreed, SS has offered the use of the first floor conference room for testing and I have shared that information with Jacob.

Southern Star has our field day flier displayed on their big screen in the tap room advertising it already.

We have sent out invites too every County and City…

  • We have a RSVP from City of Conroe Emergency Management she plans to be there Saturday Noon....also we need to start our weekly planning meetings what day and time is best for will be zoom

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    I just emailed Ray ( AG5EG ) to see if the phone company repeater site is actually an option for field day. We are at t-minus oh crap time on identifying a location for field day that will work. If I hear anything I'll post here. I may be incorrect on this pin drop but I am fairly confident that this is the location that Ray was talking about. Any thought or comments about this location drop them in the discussion. The main obstacle I see is we will need to rent a port-a-can or two which I think is fairly cheap.

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    May 5, 2023 · changed the group description.
  • As we all know field day is right around the corner. So far we have been unsuccessful in securing a suitable location. Either the location is great and noisy as heck or quiet and bad location. I know we have mentioned this before but if anyone can help identifying a location it would be greatly appreciated. Our volunteer group is small and really need some help.

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